The woman, not much of a myth, but a bit of a legend

Do you need custom crafted and engaging medical/health content for your blog, website, or course?

Hi there! I’m Amanda, an Ivy-league educated nurse practitioner and freelance medical writer & consultant for hire.

I specialize in creating content that will attract and engage millennial consumers.

Why Work With Me?

I’m not a former medical pro who now works behind a screen–I live and breathe healthcare every day!

I currently work full-time as an emergency medicine nurse practitioner in a Level I trauma center. I also work as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE).

Additionally, I am one of the founders and prior co-directors of an NP/PA post-graduate training program in Emergency Medicine.

It is a core value of mine that the number one place to get credible, relatable medical knowledge is through hands-on patient care, so you won’t see me hanging up my scrubs and white coat any time soon!

Getting Personal

I am a married mother of toddler twin girls, and becoming their mother is certainly my greatest achievement (sorry, Yale!).

Everything I do is to create a better life for my children, because I strongly believe that one of the most impactful ways to change the world is to love your family and leave a legacy of compassionate, socially aware, and truly happy earth-dwellers.

Okay, I just got pretty deep there for a moment. But you get it, right?

Oh, and the following cliches apply to me: loves long walks on the beach, starts each day with a hot cup of coffee, enjoys spontaneous dance parties.

My Work

I can guarantee that my writing style is highly adaptable based on the needs of your audience.

My personal writing will make you feel something. I’ve been published on popular websites like:

I can make a topic no-one wants to talk about something everybody will want to share.

My academic and B2B writing is extensively researched and crafted to engage and compel.